What the chit?

I want growing your own vegetable or flower garden to be for accessible to everyone! But the sad fact is that gardening can be a minefield of new techniques, fancy latin words and old wives tales. So today I’m looking at a technique you may have heard of but have almost certainly seen in theContinue reading “What the chit?”

My top 10: Easy fruit and veg for beginners

If you’re new to allotment gardening then this one’s definitely for you. In the first of my series of ‘top ten’ blogs I let you in on my personal recommendations for crops to grow for beginners and serial plant killers!

How to: take rosemary cuttings

If you ask me, you can never have too much Rosemary. But with notoriously tricky seeds, how else can you grow your own easily? Well, I’m here to show you how to easily take cuttings from your established plants with a little help from Envii SeaFeed rooting gel.

How to: achieve year-round harvests

One of the big questions I get asked frequently is, “How do you grow plants for homegrown harvests all year round?” Well.. With a bit of planning it can be very simple to achieve, for even the smallest garden!

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